Samba Sports Folding Aluminium Goal

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Brand new to the, professional football goal post for all ages and dexterity grade can be used for professional training, as well as for leisure use in the garden or park.
Dimensions when open and when set up in less than 10 seconds ready to easily fit in most car boots 100 x 75 x 10 cm (folded flat).
A lightweight collapsible aluminium frame.
Dimensions: 155 x 100 cm (5ft x 3 ft) x 74 cm (19in x 29in) deep – the perfect size for 3 V3, 2 V2, 1 V1 or target shooters, whether for professional use or in the garden.
Elastic mesh nylon quality that reduces the tension from color balance of a shot.
Can be used on any surface, grass, turf, sand, street, in the base.
The price includes:
Aluminium frame